How to make payments

[heading heading=”How to Make Payments for Our Round Tour or Day Excursion?” heading_color=”#333333″ style=”style_2″]

We request your full invoice value in Two Stages for all the round tours.

  1. If you confirmed your tour with us you will need to pay 50% from the invoice value. Then only we consider it as a confirmed tour. This is basically for making advanced payments to reserve your rooms and to confirm your transport & guide services.
  2. You can do rest of the payment (50%) one month prior to the arrival. We will send your tour confirmation and service voucher before you making the balance payment.

For the day excursions, we request the full invoice value.

You can transfer the relevant amount to following company bank account.

Beneficiary Account Name Friends Holiday (PVT) Ltd.
Beneficiary Acc No 239100180023093
Beneficiary Bank Peoples Bank
Beneficiary Bank Address No 134, Negombo – Colombo Main Road, Ja Ela
Currency LKR
Branch Ja ela

We are received a statement for each and every transfer. In there we can see your name and the deposited amount. Once we recognized your payment we will definitely send you an acknowledged e mail.

In international bank transferring, It is always coming through at least two bankers. So it will take 3 – 4 days for the transferring process. This time can be extended due to special holidays in between transferring counties.

Your banker will charge some amount from you when do the transferring. Generally it is around 4% from the total deposit amount or it can be a fixed amount, whatever the amount you deposited. Kindly ask from your banker about the charges before making the payment. If you do not pay the bank charges with the deposit, they will definitely deduct that from the transferring value and then we will not be received our invoice value. If so we will send you a notice by motioning the difference.