We are passionate in our belief that Friends Holidays is a different kind of Travel Representation and Travel Consultation Company of Sri Lanka. While some of these differences are tangible, many of them are not. We have seen fashion come and go and have come to realize that the companies that flourish are the ones that are based on values that remain constant over time.

Our most enduring value is a commitment to excellence, expressed through the professionalism of our staff, the style of our planning and operations, and the constant creativity of our method of dissemination information.

We don’t have a formula that we use to design and run in every tour, but we do have a consistent sensibility that informs everything we do. We believe that life is to be enjoyed and to be discovered and we take greatest pleasure in sharing our discoveries with our clients. Here you have our directors’ words which describe our shape.

From hectic cities to spectacular mountains, remote & rarely visited villages, treasures of Sri Lankan wildlife, colourful culture, golden sandy beaches, Sri Lanka is a full of exotic charm and spiritual attraction that travelers attract.

Our team at Friends Holidays is well experienced in operating trips across this majestic land and we’re perfectly placed to deliver a unique and exceptional touring products to the World. Our base in the capital city has extensive connections with local suppliers, including those in remote regions, to guarantee flexibility, value and recreations. We also have a dedicated marketing team to ensure you get competitive prices.

Though it is a little island, it will be a difficult country to navigate among destinations at the right time. But with our team on board, planning a tailored product range for your experiential holiday will be easy.

The Staff


CEO - Friends Holidays (Pvt) Ltd

Friends Holidays’ partner and CEO Anil Pathirana a highly motivated self-started 15+ years experienced in shipping. Member of the Institute of chartered ship brokers (UK) and a member of Institute of Charted ship brokers (UK) – MICS – UK. He is the mastermind of Friends Holidays Sri Lanka and he really believe in Friendship, Loyalty and Honesty. In the initial stage he introduced Sri Lanka as a holiday destination to his friends and that was the base for establishing “Friends Holidays”. In every vacation he comes to Sri Lanka to check the progress and share new things of the industry. He has great ideas about new aspects of global travel and tourism as he is traveling many countries. As he is traveling in Sri Lanka in every vacation, he earnt this coveted award for his intimate knowledge of Sri Lanka, vast network of insider connections and flair for creating unforgettable travel experiences for discerning clientele.

General Manager

General Manager - Friends Holidays (Pvt) Ltd

Nuwan, now General Manager, was a founding director of Friends Holiday with Anil Pathirana and spends his time monitoring the business. Previously he worked in outbound travel sector in Malaysia and then worked here in Sri Lanka for last eight years. He has vast experience in hotel operations especially in deep southern of Sri Lanka. He enjoy traveling very much to and has great intention to exploring new things while traveling. So he realized that life is all about doing something you really enjoy and then joined Friends Holidays and says it feels amazing again to be helping people fall in love with this beautiful country.